Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Insert Catchy Title Here

So, I’ve decided that moving is like the kryptonite for my brain (we’re in the middle of our 2nd move in 6 months).  I feel like all of my brain power has been sucked out and I couldn’t come up with a witty title to save my life.  So I guess the pictures get to speak for themselves tonight.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Inspiration

Sometimes in life, we get stuck in a rut. We do things without putting a lot of thought or effort into them. We stick with the status quo, and feel that it’s good enough. And then we see something that makes us realize how much more is out there, how much more we could be doing if we just stretched ourselves a little bit more. Well, for me that inspiration has come in several forms lately. Number one being, my best friend Miss Amy M of Blueberry Pearls, who is truly a creative genius. She always looks for ways to push herself and others to see things differently, to use their creativity and to create for the sake of creating. I need that! I tend to get stuck in this world of commonplace, and good enough. I have also set myself on a journey of finding visual inspiration from other photographers. Sometimes I feel like this is cheating; like I’m stealing by looking at other photographers work, and using their ideas. But I have decided that it’s more about taking bits and pieces of what others have done and making it your own. To use their ideas as a jumping off point so to speak. And I have also learned that a lot of folks out there are more like me. They have a hard time visualizing a concept until they see it. So in an effort to help my clients to find their own inspiration, and see things that will help them to come up with new spins and ideas of their own on things, I have put together a list of some of my favorite photographers.

Here are a few to start with. Posted in no particular order of favoritness.

It’s a bit intimidating to put these links on my site, since I feel like it just shows off how inferior I am as a photographer!! But, I have decided to just put my pride on the back burner in an effort to help my clients create more than just portraits of their family, and instead to create pieces of art that they will love to look at in their homes, that have more pull to them than just a photo of a cute kid, or a darling family. I want to shoot things that are inspired, creative, beautiful, and breathtaking. And I need your help to do it. I want my clients to catch my vision, and bring their own ideas and creativity to the table. I will be starting to send my clients homework when they book a shoot with me. I will send the ideas that are the jumping off points, and then it will be up to you to help gather, and plan some of the props and clothing and concepts that will take your photos to the next level. I am going to start out with some shoots that will help you out a bit more, and will be planning a day each month of themed sessions where Amy and I will be bringing a lot of the props, but if those ideas don’t fit your style or personality, we are always open to planning a session that is individualized just for you. After being a photographer for 8 years, I have realized that I can do more with my art than what I have been doing. It’s time to spread my wings.

So are you ready to hear some of the ideas that we have planned.


Our first big shoot will be in May. I want this shoot to be in fields with lots of trees and perhaps some wildflowers. A cool old barn would be a great addition (we are still scouting for the perfect location, will update when I know where it will be). This shoot is going to represent spring in the country. I’m bringing baby chicks, and brown eggs, and baskets, and darling little French country feeling aprons. Maybe a quilt, and a sheet or two that will also tie in some of the fabrics that remind me of a farmhouse in the French countryside. Perhaps some daffodils will join the party, and some sweet flowers for the chicks (not the animals!) to wear in their hair. The boys would be darling in suspenders, and a bow tie, the girls would look perfect in simple dresses or skirts that are plain enough to throw a printed apron over the top. There will be more surprises along the way, and I will be also planning specific props and accessories once I have bookings and know what ages and groupings we will be shooting. Amy and I are really excited about this one!


June is going to be Fields of Furniture. I love the look of big pieces of furniture in a field where they don’t belong! But as this is a bit of a pain to pull off, I have shied away from this (since really, how am I supposed to carry a full size couch across a field all by myself). Enter, a partner in crime to help me carry ridiculously heavy items to places where no sane person would take them! I will definitely be bringing a couch (it’s tan and pretty neutral, but I think it would be super fun for each client to bring some of their favorite throw pillows from their own couch to add in their own style). I will also be bringing a bed of some sort, and some benches, chairs and some other odds and ends. Again, we can customize this to the bookings and the requests that we have. I have the perfect little nook that is close to the river here in West Linn, that is one of the most gorgeous and versatile spots out there (not to mention, we shouldn't have to carry the furniture tooo far!)

July 27th-

Clark County Fair. Need I say more? I absolutely adore the look of photos in a carnival setting. The fair is such a fun place for family photos. Ferris wheels in the background, playing fun carnival games, standing in front of all of the bright colorful food booths. Cotton candy! It’s a beautiful thing. The time slots for these sessions will be limited to work with the best lighting so spaces will be limited. (Check out this similar shoot that we recently did here & here).

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I’ve been playing with new frames and fun stuff for the blog. Thought this was a cute new idea!


Friday, March 11, 2011


This little gal is proof that miracles really do happen. She was born not breathing, and very sick. On her first day of life the doctors prepared her parents for the worst and did not expect her to live, and if she did live to have major brain damage. Now 1 month later she is doing wonderful and her brain scans show almost zero damage. Many prayers were prayed for this little one, many of mine were among them. I had the privelege to go to the hospital that evening when she was in the NICU and to take photos of sweet little L, who at that time looked very sick. These are a couple of the shots I took that night. 010012

And now 1 month later I got to go and take these beautiful photos of this little sweetheart. The difference was truly remarkable, and I am in awe over the power that God has to use his hand in our lives.



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Love

This family is absolutely lovely. Every time I have photographed their family I have been thrilled with the results. (I hope they feel the same way!) So I was very excited to meet the newest gorgeous addition to their family. He’s just as beautiful as his older siblings, and I think they all have decided he’s a keeper.



On the go!

I love how little boys seem to only care about moving and going all the time! Their energy is contagious, and I have fun trying to outrun them during our sessions. I try to keep things light and play them into getting the results that I want to capture in the images for their parents. I loved when this adorably chubby 2 year old picked a flower and ran towards his mama overflowing with joy and enthusiasm about the gift he had for her. I love that I get to capture these small moments and freeze time for just that split second.